Dragos Security

  1. CRASHOVERRIDE, Analysis of the Threat to Electric Grid Operations. Enlace.
  2. Insights into Building an Industrial Control System Security Operations Center. Enlace.
  3. Trisis Malware, Analysis of Safety System Targeted Malware. Enlace.
  4. Industrial Control Vulnerabilities. Enlace.
  5. Industrial Control System Threats. Enlace.
  6. Hunting and Responding to Industrial Intrusions. Enlace.
  7. Whitepapers. Enlace.
  8. Preparing for Incident Handling and Response in ICS. Enlace.

Trend Micro

  1. The State of SCADA HMI Vulnerabilities.Enlace.
  2. Rogue Robots: Testing the Limits of an Industrial Robot’s Security. Enlace.
  3. A Security Analysis of Radio Remote Controllers for Industrial Applications. Enlace.
  4. Securing Smart Factories. Enlace.
  5. Hacker Machine Interface. Enlace.
  6. Caught in the Act: Running a Realistic Factory Honeypot to Capture Real Threats. Enlace.
  7. Lost in Translation: When Industrial Protocol Translation goes Wrong. Enlace.
  8. A Current View of Gaps in Operational Technology Cybersecurity. Enlace.

Kaspersky Lab

  1. Greyenergy´s overlap with Zebrocy. Enlace.
  2. Threat Landscape for Industrial Automation Systems in H2 2018. Enlace.
  3. Threat landscape for industrial automation systems. APT attacks on industrial companies in 2019. Enlace.
  4. DarkChronicles: the consequences of the Colonial Pipeline attack. Enlace.

Rockwell Automation

  1. Industrial Networks Design Guides. Enlace.
  2. Industrial Networks Whitepapers. Enlace.


  1. GreyEnergy: Dissecting the Malware from Maldoc to Backdoor. Enlace.


  1. Recommended Security Settings for IPCs in the Industrial Environment. Enlace.
  2. Security Guideliness for SIMATIC HMI Operator Panels. Enlace.
  3. Simulating a Cyberattack on the Energy Industry. Enlace.
  4. Security with SIMATIC Controller. Enlace.
  5. SIMATIC Process Control System PCS 7 Security concept PCS 7 & WinCC (Basic). Enlace.
  6. SIMATIC Process Control System PCS 7 Compendium Part F -Industrial Security. Enlace.
  7. SINUMERIK / SIMOTION / SINAMICS Industrial Security. Enlace.
  8. Use and understanding SINEC NMS. Enlace.
  9. Siprotec 5 Security. Enlace.
  10. Security Concept for process and discrete industries. Enlace.
  11. Checklist for Setting Up SCALANCE Devices. Enlace.
  12. Segmenting a Network Using VLANs. Enlace.
  13. NAT with SCALANCE SC-600 / M-800 / S615. Enlace.
  14. Overview: Secure Remote Access with VPN. Enlace.
  15. Jump Host Application with SINEMA RC. Enlace. 


  1. Honeywell Industrial USB Threat Report, 2020. Enlace.

General Electric

  1. Plant Applications 7.0, Secure Deployment Guide. Enlace.

Schneider Electric

  1. Practical Overview of Implementing IEC 62443 Security Levels in Industrial Control Applications. Enlace. Enlace.


  1. System Security Guidelines. Enlace.